Borer FUSION Smart Card Access Control Reader

A database of authorised cardholders with associated access permissions is held by every card reader head. When on-line to the central database the decision to grant access is first referred to the central database. Should the database connection fail the reader will make the access decision locally using the database it holds.

Features on all smart card readers:
• Open standard support for contactless memories and smart cards including user ID, travel, bank and national identity cards.
• Support for user programmable open standard MIFARE® and MIFARE® DESFire® Cards which, unlike systems that use propriety card formats, eliminates single supplier dependency and benefits users with lower cost for replacement cards.
• Dual reader databases with fallback to the last known good database in the event of data corruption or network interruption during a database update.
• The database held by the reader is encrypted using AES encryption.
• Each reader can hold up to 120,000 cardholder records enabling access decisions to be made at the door when it is disconnected from the server.
• Reader Software updates delivered over the LAN enabling new card technologies and standards to be supported.
• Optional support for SAM and Crypto engine for PKI based smart card applications.
• Off-line decision when disconnected from the LAN.