Multi-factor Identity Authentication

Borer’s access control system supports high level security using multi-factor authentication:

  • something you HAVE (photo)
  • something you ARE (fingerprint)
  • something you KNOW (PIN)
  • something you TRUST (digital certificate)

The biometric fingerprint template is saved into an RFID Smart Card’s memory. This delivers one to one matching by positively linking each card holder to their RFID identity card. This enables biometric identity card holders to travel between sites, countries and continents without the need to enrol locally, or electronically forward biometric templates in advance of visits.


Access Control using fingerprint only is suitable for individual sites with fewer than 5000 people on each site, where the fingerprint presented is matched against a stored library of fingerprint templates. Larger organisations with more demanding security requirements can apply multiple checks including fingerprint plus identity card and/or PIN for identity authentication

Borer multi-factor authentication smart card
multi-factor authentication biometrics smart card