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Control local plant and equipment such as heating, lighting and air-conditioning

Borer's Serially Linked Input Output (SLIO) Controller is a powerful addition to FUSION's arsenal of controllers. It is a DIN rail mounted control panel that enables FUSION to monitor real world inputs and switch outputs. it also has a powerful scripting language that enables programs to be downloaded to it over the network, giving SLIO's the ability to run independent of the FUSION Software, controlling local plant and equipment such as heating, lighting and air-conditioning.

Applications include:
  • Managing complex multi-door interlocks in clean rooms and data centres
  • Monitor building temperature and humidity sensors, switch air-conditioning and heating on and off as and when required
  • Managing car parks by counting cars in and out and limiting access when the car park is full by illuminating the “RED” stop light
  • In elevator car control applications, limiting access to floors depending upon a cardholder’s access permissions
  • Giving access to banks of storage and changing lockers according the cardholders access permissions
  • Switching heating, lighting and air conditioning on and off when the controlled area is occupied or unoccupied
SLIO programmable functions include:
  • Timers
  • Counters
  • Monitoring Inputs
  • Setting Outputs
  • Programmable Switches
  • Time of day, day of week and date awareness
  • Support IF, EQUALS, THEN and ELSE logic operations
  • Support for SET and RESET functions for counters, timers, flags, inputs and outputs