Healthcare / Laboratories

Physical access control to pre-defined zones, clean rooms, restricted areas and medicine stores

A fully integrated, centrally managed system to control access and movement, manage staff time and attendance and lockers, visitor management, integrated with CCTV monitoring and reporting

Recommended Solutions:

Smart Cards

Fast and highly secure Smart Cards (MiFARE® and DESFire®) fully integrated with access control, visitor management, locker management and time and attendance systems. Individually programmed smart cards allow you to secure the building by managing who gains access to pre-defined areas, and restrict movement around the building through access points including gates, barriers, doors and elevators. The smart cards can also store biometric information as additional authentication of the identity of the card holder.

ID Badge Design & Print

Design and produce professional looking, low cost ID Badges, customised with your Brand Identity and the user’s photo and details, printed and programmed using a central networked database across multi-site organisations. Choice of image capture include Digital Camera, CCTV camera or Live Video.

Visitor Management

Enables reception staff to pre-register visitors and then produce a corresponding visitor badge. Visitor registration and movement is monitored and logged, including frequent and return visitors for quick registration, providing an audit trail and improved accountability, with detailed identification of who is on site at any time. The central management software can combine fingerprint readers with on-the-spot visitor card printing, linked to biometric turnstile, door and elevator access control and route based access.

Locker Management

Permanent or dynamic locker management where individuals can be assigned short-term or permanent access to a given locker for the secure storage of personal items, using fingerprint, card and/or PIN. On presenting your fingerprint or card to the terminal at the facility’s entry point, you will be assigned an available locker. This locker will be allocated to you for the duration of your time on site, and on presenting your fingerprint or card to leave the facility, the system clears the locker allocation, making it available to someone else.

Server Rack & Cabinet Door Physical Security

Borer’s PoE Lock Handle Solution offers an integrated access control and monitoring system for any data centre or server room environment, protecting unlimited numbers of server rack doors. The lock handle is a simple retrofit to any rack door, allowing you to manage who is accessing your data, when, and for how long, while monitoring rack temperature and security. The lock handle can be fitted to any cabinet where security is high priority, protecting sensitive or classified documents.

CCTV Integration

CCTV cameras are connected to a recorder with a computer software interface (FUSION central management software) which record and live stream any activity in the monitored zones. The CCTV cameras can be linked to graphical floor plans which detail every access point, and all events (door open, disconnected, unsecured, forced) will trigger an alarm on the system. The system can also monitor temperature within specified zones.

Two Door Interlock / Mantrap

Double Door Airlock is used in safety and security critical applications where not only access authority but also positive proof of identity is required before granting access. Two or more doors are arranged in a sequence to regulate traffic, or control dust, temperature and pressure, with the second door only opening after the first door has closed and locked.


Medical Institute in Brazil

This customer, who is situated in the Amazon, researches tropical diseases and need to keep bacteria samples in cold storage (-30 degrees C). The freezers are in a cold room with interlocking doors to stop the cold escaping when scientists enter the room to access the samples. They also want to monitor the fridges so that when a fridge fails or fridge door is left open, an alarm is sent to the control room, with an email also being sent to the technical department. We use the Ethernet Lock Managers to not only control access to room and fridges, but also monitor the fridge temperatures via NTC Thermistor Probes connected to one of the Lock Manager's ports.