Hotels / Gyms / Leisure Centres

Ensuring that only paid-up members and authorised staff are able to gain access to 24 hour fitness centres

A complete integrated solution including access control, time and attendance reporting and locker management for single- or multi-site anytime fitness clubs and leisure centres

24 Hour Gym Membership Access Control System

Fingerprint identification readers are used to control access to anytime fitness 24 hour gyms through portals, pods and turnstiles.

Fingerprint authentication helps to boost revenues as there is no cost for providing and managing membership ID cards and it stops members sharing gym membership cards or PIN’s with non-members.

Fingerprints are captured when new members are enrolled. Members’ details can be taken from existing membership databases or CRM’s. Chains of fitness centres can be supported, enabling the introduction of multi-site membership schemes.

The system can be enhanced with locker access control to safeguard members’ property, and integrated CCTV to enhance staff and members’ safety and security.

Member usage and time of access statistics enables owners to better plan staffing levels, while staff attendance recording ensures members of staff comply with agreed attendance schedules.

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Multi-location Fitness Club - Middle East

Borer was approached by a fitness club based in the Middle East, with 21 club locations and over 20,000 members, to supply a fingerprint-based 24 7 gym membership access control system. The system would have to operate across all sites and need to be integrated with their existing membership database. A fingerprint access control solution was preferred because it would eliminate the expense and administration effort involved in the issue and management of membership cards, particularly for monthly short-term memberships. Fingerprint access technology also maximises membership revenue by restricting access to bona-fide active members while preventing members improperly sharing their membership cards and access codes with non-members.

Borer was able to assess their needs and install a system that would work with the existing membership record system and use the Internet to connect all sites, while providing an easy to use fingerprint enrolment facility for biometric access control at each site.

Members can use multiple locations depending on their class of membership. Members only require the presentation of their fingerprint to access their home site. When a member visits another gym location, access at the reader requires input of the membership number followed by presentation of the corresponding enrolled finger before entry is granted. A library of all members’ fingerprints is held at each access turnstile. Daily, this is synchronised and all sites are updated over the network, from the central database. To ensure that biometric access is not compromised, in the event of a network failure, turnstile readers will continue to validate each member’s credentials without reference to the central membership database.

Biometric fingerprint enabled and Power over Ethernet powered turnstiles are installed at gym entrances. These only need single network cable, making for ease of installation.

The system currently manages the entry of 1200 or more members through a gym’s turnstiles every day, with peak traffic activity at lunch time and in the late afternoon.

Benefits achieved:
  • Statistics provided by the system assists in balancing staffing levels at peak times and at periods of low activity
  • Optimising 24/7 access allowing all-hours gyms to operate securely and to be more self-sufficient
  • Enable HQ to monitor each site’s membership access activity and produce site statistics and usage reports
  • Integrate with the existing members CRM database to expedite the enrolment of new members and membership renewals by automatically synchronising each site membership access control system with the central membership database
  • Reduce operating costs and enhance revenue by eliminating membership access cards and the sharing of membership credentials

Recommended Solutions:

Fingerprint Biometrics

Fingerprint access control provides secure access according to level of membership around the clock, preventing unauthorised use of a membership card. The card number or pin code is backed up by presentation of the card holder’s fingerprint which is stored in the fingerprint reader’s database. The fingerprint database is linked to the membership database, ensuring only authorised access is gained to the member’s home gym and affiliated gyms.

Turnstile Access Control

A directional display with in and out arrows and a keypad is located on the top of the tripod turnstile. Once the direction of passage is established, a telephone style keypad and a red key will be displayed. Frequent users who only need to present their fingerprint to gain access will touch the red key. Occasional users and visitors from other sites, who may be required to enter a PIN before presenting a finger, will enter a four or five-digit PIN. In and out control and passage through the turnstile is logged and managed through Borer FUSION management software.

Time and Attendance

Comprehensive and accurate web-based time and attendance data is easily monitored and administered from any designated PC, including regular hours and flexi-time, absences, missed clocking, holidays and sick leave. Managers can review all staff members’ attendance and absence history, and list those members of staff currently in attendance, instantly authorise absence or holidays, or generate an instant roll call listing of all personnel on site.

Locker Management

Permanent or dynamic locker management where individuals can be assigned short-term or permanent access to a given locker for the secure storage of personal items, using fingerprint, card and/or PIN. On presenting your fingerprint or card to the terminal at the facility’s entry point, you will be assigned an available locker. This locker will be allocated to you for the duration of your time on site, and on presenting your fingerprint or card to leave the facility, the system clears the locker allocation, making it available to someone else.

Integrated Technologies:

Multi-site Integration

A network based system with a central database stores credentials and records of all personnel, authorising access to multiple sites. The system fully integrates access control and building management system with CCTV monitoring which alerts on all events, managed from a single workstation.