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Fingerprint or ID Card Attendance Registration for proof of attendance at classes, lectures and examinations

Assisting universities to keep accurate records of overseas students' attendance at lectures, using fingerprint authentication and providing an audit trail to monitor and report these statistics. It also helps universities to verify numbers who have registered and arrived at lectures, whilst providing schools with a robust roll-call of pupils to assist with attendance monitoring and enforcement

Recommended Solutions:

Fingerprint Biometrics

A simple, reliable and cost-effective way to verify a person’s identity. Modern fingerprint technology is sophisticated and reliable, with the readers being fast and responsive. A fingerprint scanner captures the fingerprint and converts it into a template, protecting the original fingerprint image. Access is controlled centrally, with automatic cancellation of student access to areas with pre-defined period of use.

ID Badge Design & Print

Design and produce professional looking, low cost ID Badges, customised with your Brand Identity and the user’s photo and details, printed and programmed using a central networked database across multi-site organisations. Choice of image capture include Digital Camera, CCTV camera or Live Video.

Mobile Attendance Registration

Registration ‘on the move’ and proof of attendance for out-workers. This is an automated system using a combination of fingerprint or smart card identification, a smartphone and mobile app. The user taps their smart card to the mobile phone, the mobile app records the time, date and location of the transaction, plus the user’s identity and mobile identity. This information is forwarded to the central database via WiFi or mobile data.

Locker Management

Permanent or dynamic locker management where individuals can be assigned short-term or permanent access to a given locker for the secure storage of personal items, using fingerprint, card and/or PIN. On presenting your fingerprint or card to the terminal at the facility’s entry point, you will be assigned an available locker. This locker will be allocated to you for the duration of your time on site, and on presenting your fingerprint or card to leave the facility, the system clears the locker allocation, making it available to someone else.

Visitor Management

Enables reception staff to pre-register visitors and then produce a corresponding visitor badge. Visitor registration and movement is monitored and logged, including frequent and return visitors for quick registration, providing an audit trail and improved accountability, with detailed identification of who is on site at any time. The central management software can combine fingerprint readers with on-the-spot visitor card printing, linked to biometric turnstile, door and elevator access control and route based access.

CCTV Integration

CCTV cameras are connected to a recorder with a computer software interface (FUSION central management software) which record and live stream any activity in the monitored zones. The CCTV cameras can be linked to graphical floor plans which detail every access point, and all events (door open, disconnected, unsecured, forced) will trigger an alarm on the system. The system can also monitor temperature within specified zones.