Data Centres / Server Rooms

An Access Control System that provides physical data centre security with protection of digital assets as well as physical access control to server racks is high priority worldwide

An integrated solution for data centres which may include biometric access control by means of airlocks or mantraps, as well as secure, monitored physical protection and access to the server rack doors, using Borer's Rack Lock Handle Solution

Borer Access Control Systems - Data Centre Server Rack Security
Recommended Solutions:

CCTV Integration

CCTV cameras are connected to a recorder with a computer software interface (FUSION central management software) which record and live stream any activity in the monitored zones. The CCTV cameras can be linked to graphical floor plans which detail every access point, and all events (door open, disconnected, unsecured, forced) will trigger an alarm on the system. The system can also monitor temperature within specified zones.

Server Rack & Cabinet Door Physical Security

Borer’s PoE Lock Handle Solution offers an integrated access control and monitoring system for any data centre or server room environment, protecting unlimited numbers of server rack doors. The lock handle is a simple retrofit to any rack door, allowing you to manage who is accessing your data, when, and for how long, while monitoring rack temperature and security. The lock handle can be fitted to any cabinet where security is high priority, protecting sensitive or classified documents.

Two Door Interlock / Mantrap

Double Door Airlock is used in safety and security critical applications where not only access authority but also positive proof of identity is required before granting access. Two or more doors are arranged in a sequence to regulate traffic, or control dust, temperature and pressure, with the second door only opening after the first door has closed and locked.

Visitor Management

Enables reception staff to pre-register visitors and then produce a corresponding visitor badge. Visitor registration and movement is monitored and logged, including frequent and return visitors for quick registration, providing an audit trail and improved accountability, with detailed identification of who is on site at any time. The central management software can combine fingerprint readers with on-the-spot visitor card printing, linked to biometric turnstile, door and elevator access control and route based access.

Integrated Technologies:

Multi-factor Identity Authentication

Any combination of multiple factors to verify credentials – photo (something you HAVE), fingerprint (something you ARE), PIN/Password (something you KNOW) and digital certificate (something you TRUST). A person’s recorded fingerprint is backed up by a smart card which stores the individual’s fingerprint template, and bears a photo of the person. A PIN may also be required as additional authentication before access is granted.

Multi-site Integration

A network based system with a central database stores credentials and records of all personnel, authorising access to multiple sites. The system fully integrates access control and building management system with CCTV monitoring which alerts on all events, managed from a single workstation.


Large Data Centre

We have provided a solution to monitor server racks in data centres. Access to the rack is made using the rack handle with a reader head built into it. This allows us to control and log who accesses the racks. We also monitor the temperature inside the rack and send an alarm to security if it gets too warm (failed fan, etc.).