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Access Control for Residents, Staff, Guests and Contractors, providing central monitoring and management of Residential and Commercial Condominiums

A smart access control system for residential and office condominiums and multi-use complexes keeps the building and people safe, whilst managing staff time and attendance and movement of visitors

Condominium Access Control
Recommended Solutions:

Fingerprint Biometrics

A simple, reliable and cost-effective way to verify a person’s identity. Modern fingerprint technology is sophisticated and reliable, with the readers being fast and responsive. A fingerprint scanner captures the fingerprint and converts it into a template, protecting the original fingerprint image. Access is controlled centrally, with automatic cancellation of student access to areas with pre-defined period of use.

Time and Attendance

Comprehensive and accurate web-based time and attendance data is easily monitored and administered from any designated PC, including regular hours and flexi-time, absences, missed clocking, holidays and sick leave. Managers can review all staff members’ attendance and absence history, and list those members of staff currently in attendance, instantly authorise absence or holidays, or generate an instant roll call listing of all personnel on site.

Visitor Management

Enables reception staff to pre-register visitors and then produce a corresponding visitor badge. Visitor registration and movement is monitored and logged, including frequent and return visitors for quick registration, providing an audit trail and improved accountability, with detailed identification of who is on site at any time. The central management software can combine fingerprint readers with on-the-spot visitor card printing, linked to biometric turnstile, door and elevator access control and route based access.

Turnstile Access Control

Reliable, compact PoE Turnstiles with fingerprint and/or card authentication, combining speed of access with aesthetically pleasing turnstiles. A simple and effective access control solution for managing visitors and handling emergency evacuation or power failure situations. In and out control and passage is managed centrally through Borer's FUSION management software.

Building Alarm Monitoring

A fully scaleable system, from a single building to multiple buildings across an enterprise-wide organisation, centrally or remotely monitored over the IP network. The system records time on site for residents, staff and contractors, manages visitors and integrates with intruder, CCTV and alarm systems. Supports custom voice alarm annunciation and flashing colour icons for every system alarm, with both text instructions and pre-recorded audio instructions, combining live video verification and alarm monitoring in real-time, enabling guards to visually validate the cardholders before granting access at secure remote sites.