Borer's Integrated Access Control Systems, Attendance Management and Security Management Solutions are suitable for a wide range of Applications:

Visitor management and access control for office blocks and public buildings

Secure visitor access and movement control at reception with intuitive management and monitoring of visitors using ID cards and/or biometric fingerprint registration; CCTV Integration

Access Control for Industrial Plant Rooms and Warehousing

Multi-factor access control to multi-site facilities as well as physical security protecting server racks, providing monitoring of access and temperature of the rack; CCTV Integration with graphical floor plans

Access Control and Server Rack Physical Security for Data Centres and Server Rooms

Integrated access control, time and attendance, locker management, roll call/mustering, building alarm and guard tour monitoring; CCTV Integration

Access Control for Healthcare sector, hospitals, laboratories

Access control to predefined zones, physical security of storage cabinets, two-door interlock for clean rooms / laboratories, monitoring of temperature and pressure; CCTV Integration

Access Control and proof of attendance for students at schools, colleges, universities

Access control, portable student registration, proof of attendance at classes and attendance monitoring, locker management, cabinet physical security, CCTV integration

High Security Access Control for Police and Defence

Monitoring of people movement using CCTV integration and floorplan mapping, multi-factor access control to secure zones and physical security and protection of document or classified material storage

Perimeter Access Control Vehicle Route Tracking for Ports and Harbours

Perimeter access control, electronic registration and monitoring of pedestrian movement, vehicle transit through gates, CCTV integration and vehicle route mapping

Member Access Control for Gyms, Leisure Centres, Health Clubs

Secure fingerprint and card access across single or multi-site facilities, according to level of membership, preventing unauthorised use of a membership card; time and attendance and locker management

Access Control for Residents and Visitors for Condominiums

A simple, reliable and secure access control system for residents, staff, contractors and guests using fingerprint authentication; tenant and visitor management

Access Control and staff attendance for multi-branch retail chains

ID Card or biometric time and attendance monitoring and access control for staff to single site or multi-site operations, using a central networked database; alarm monitoring

High Security Access Control for Banks and Financial Institutions

Multi-factor authentication access control, double interlocking doors or mantraps, physical security and protection of safety deposit boxes, CCTV integration with graphical floorplan

Mobile Attendance Registration and Vehicle Tracking for Transport and Logistics

Time and attendance with portable attendance registration, smart cards and biometric access control, CCTV integration with route mapping and number plate recognition