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Access Control Systems - Borer designs, manufactures, installs and supports flexible, scalable access control systems

Borer's access control systems are flexible and fully scalable, suitable for any size organisation. Our solutions are all integrated, offering a system that is centrally managed and works seamlessly for multi site businesses with branches and offices distributed across a region or across the globe, using fingerprint access and card access.

Borer’s Access Control Solution is designed to work over your corporate LAN using TCP/IP and your existing CAT5e structured cable network. Utilising Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Technology, mains outlets and power supplies at each door are not required as power is delivered down existing network cable, reducing energy bills, infrastructure requirements and installation costs.

Control of these systems via your PC potentially offers far wider applications than just security of your premises, as they can also help you to locate staff in event of an emergency, or record their times of entering and leaving the building.

  • Manage access for doors, turnstiles, elevators, car parks and vehicles
  • Manage the system centrally or from multiple locations
  • Provide high security access control with two door interlocks and mantraps
  • Manage access profiles and permissions across many sites
  • Create temporary access privileges for visitors and contractors, automatically cancelled at end of visit
  • Monitor alarms and manage response proactively or reactively
  • Maintain a full audit trail of all access events at multiple sites

Access Control Systems Multi Site for Multi Location Businesses

Our integrated access control system includes the following:

Access Control Systems Fusion

FUSION Software Access Control Functions and Applications

Access Control Systems Fingerprint Authentication

Biometric Fingerprint and Multi Factor Authentication

Access Control Systems Smart Card mifare desfire

Smart Cards - MIFARE® Classic and DESFire®

Access Control Systems CCTV Security integration

Full integration with CCTV on graphical floor plans

Access Control Systems Access Control Products

Physical Access Control Products

Integrated FUSION Access Control Functions

Borer FUSION Access Control Software provides four ways of allocating and managing cardholder access privileges:

  1. access groups for users with the same access privileges;
  2. access profiles to manage access permissions across many sites;
  3. temporary access groups ensuring access privileges for visitors and contractors are automatically cancelled at the end of the visit;
  4. access roles to allocate access privileges according to the user's job function or role (e.g. only electricians have access to electrical switch rooms).
    Access Profiles

    Access Profiles can be set within FUSION allowing access only to predefined areas for which specific access policies are required. The user’s Access Profile controls where (access zone) and when (time) that individual is authorised to be at any time, and what credentials (fingerprint or smart card) are required for access.

Home Location

This is a pre-defined area assigned to a worker as the regular work place during specified work and break hours. Users may be limited to the Home Zone, restricting access to other areas outside of the Home Zone area.

Visit Location

Additional access privileges can be assigned to a user for a specific area which needs to be visited on a regular basis, without increasing that user's overall access privileges.

Route Based Access

A user must reach locations in a particular sequence which is defined by his access permissions, and cannot access areas which are not part of his route or which are out of sequence. This prevents users from wandering intentionally or unknowingly. This is especially useful for sensitive areas where contract workers need to reach their place of work along a defined route, for example ports, laboratories, data centres.

Privileged Access

Privileged Access gives a user the highest level of access (such as Directors and senior people in the organisation), allowing access to any controlled area without checking access rights.

Keyholder Access

Designated individuals are assigned Keyholder Access and are then the First-In User permitted to enter the premises before other users are allowed in.


A user's exit must be registered on the system before FUSION will allow that same card re-entry into the specified area, preventing users from sharing access cards.

Access Control using Fingerprint Biometrics

Biometric fingerprint registration and authentication is fully integrated into the access control system. Borer uses biometric technology and fingerprints to confirm a person’s identity before granting access.

The whole solution sits on a single database and communicates over a local or wide area network (LAN/WAN). This enables biometric fingerprint templates to be distributed to each door’s access reader over the LAN/WAN. Fingerprint only, fingerprint and smart card, and fingerprint on card are part of Borer's multi factor authentication solution for high security applications.

MIFARE® DESFire® Smart Card Access Control Solution

These cards are individually programmed to provide restricted access around a site through gates, doors, turnstiles, traffic barriers, etc. Security is enhanced with the addition of PIN and Biometric controls with the cardholder's fingerprint stored in the card or on a central database as part of multi-factor authentication.

Borer smart card readers and controllers are ideal for any organisation that already uses MIFARE® cards. Applications include student ID cards, student attendance registration, loyalty cards, ticketless transport, cashless vending, library card and secure PC log-in. Organisations benefit from the convenience of using just one card for many applications.

Access Control integrated with CCTV Security System

One or more sites with CCTV cameras and access controlled doors connect to a site Network Video Recorder (NVR) via LAN/WAN to record every entry and exit event in real time, or in playback mode. All access points are highlighted on graphical floor plans and can be monitored as they occur.

Physical Access Control Products