Pre-registration can greatly reduce visitor check-in time and lobby congestion by managing visitors from your PC

Most organisations find it is necessary to maintain a log of visitor and contractor movements to and from site in order to meet health and safety requirements. It is also often necessary for visitors to attend a site induction course and for an audit trail of both visits and induction course attendance dates to be maintained.

Many security conscious organisations require that all visitors be pre-registered.  This type of policy not only enhances the security of the facility, but also further streamlines the process of checking in visitors and issuing badges.


  • Handles visitors more quickly.
  • Pre-register visitors allowing security clearance checks to be made prior to the visitor’s arrival speeding up the reception process.
  • Reduce front desk work load with the self-service terminal.
  • Includes visitors on the site ‘Fire Roll Call’.
  • Speedy and easy registration of frequent and return visitors.
  • Provides audit trail and improved accountability.
  • Identifies who’s on site, invaluable for site fire evacuation exercise.


  • Pre-register expected visitors through a simple web interface.
  • Scan arriving visitors Photo ID or business card.
  • Identify frequent visitors and return visits.
  • Capture visitor’s photo and/or signature.
  • Track assigned visitor access cards.
  • Check for visitors requiring special approval.
  • Print professional colour coded visitor passes with expiry date, visit area, host being visited and purpose of visit.
  • Automatically notify the host of a visitor’s arrival by email, phone or SMS.
  • Integrate with access control to manage visitor escorts.
  • Provides audit reports listing visitor traffic by employee, department or facility.

Visitor Reception

Visitor Reception (VR) is a PC based package that enables reception staff to acquire visitor details, produce a corresponding visitor badge and check a visitor in at the start of a visit and out at the end of a visit.

The visitor may also be checked in/out (e.g. if going out for lunch) within a visit. The visitor/visit details, which include visitor contact information, the identity of the person whom the visitor is visiting and the (optional) visitor escort, car registration number, site induction date etc., may be entered into VR in advance of a planned visit (pre-registration) or when the visitor arrives.

If the visitor has been to site previously, his/her record can be recalled from the visitor database instead of having to be entered again. With the addition of an IP camera, the visitor’s photograph can be captured and printed onto the visitor's badge.

Optionally the badge can also function as an access card, giving access via selected card readers to designated areas of the site. When a pre-registered visitor arrives for his/her appointment, the receptionist or guard can use the VR package to quickly consult an on-screen list of pre-registered visitors, verify the visitor's identification, (providing added security) and, with the click of a mouse, check the visitor in.

An audit trail of visitor check-ins and check-outs, together with associated visitor and visit information, is maintained by the VR package. Reports that are available within the VR package include a real-time report (showing which visits are currently in progress) and historical reports which show details of who visited and when. In the case of multi-site organisations.

VR can operate in client/server mode, with a central visitor/visit database. Visitor information can then be shared between multiple sites and visitor histories can be tracked organisation-wide.

Borer's FUSION is a totally scalable Power over Ethernet Access Control system which can grow from a small single site application into an enterprise wide multi-location system as your requirements expand, all with the minimum of operator training or reconfiguration.

Visitor Management is part of the Borer FUSION Management System which includes Access Control, ID Badge Designer and Time & Attendance.