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Two Door Interlock

Two or more interlocking doors arranged in a sequence with optional People Counter Sensor and CCTV monitoring

The two door interlock technology from Borer is used in safety and security critical applications where not only access authority but also positive proof of identity is required before granting access.

An automated door interlocking is a physical access control solution comprising of a space between two interlocking doors. One door must be closed and locked before the second door is permitted to open. The double door airlock/interlocking is equipped with a People Counter, a three-dimensional optical imaging camera to count the number of people inside the secure area. When the count of people who have been positively verified by the biometric fingerprint reader equals the count of people identified by the optical imaging camera, only then is access to the secure inner area permitted.

The airlock/interlock solution is also suitable for cleanrooms or laboratories where the quality of the air, the temperature or the air pressure needs to be maintained.

Access Authentication using Multiple Verification Factors:

  • Smartcard

    something you OWN

  • Fingerprint

    something you ARE

  • Pin Code

    something you KNOW

  • Counter

    People counter within the interlock/mantrap, between the two doors

Two Door Interlock / Mantrap with People Counter

The double door airlock (interlock or mantrap) is installed at the point of access to a secure area or building. The mantrap access control is suitable for very high security facilities such as bank vaults, laboratories, large server rooms, cleanrooms, etc.

  • Both doors are secured

    The Borer system uses a People Counter camera to count the number of people inside the door interlock.

  • Identity is checked

    All people who need to gain access are ID authenticated, whether one person, or a group of people, are required to register with biometric, smartcard and optional PIN.

  • Identity is verified

    Only when the identities of all occupants have been positively verified and their access credentials checked, is passage permitted.

  • Prevents Unaccompanied Access

    For situations where unaccompanied access is prohibited – such as bank vaults, laboratories, refrigerated facilities – the double door airlock/mantrap can be configured to prevent the opening of the second door when only one person is present in the mantrap, on both entry and exit.

double door airlock cleanroom


A mantrap, or a security booth, is a security device that monitors and controls two interlocking doors. Interlocking doors are doors that can never be open simultaneously. Either one of the doors can be unlocked and opened, as long as the other door is locked and closed. Between these interlocking doors is a small, secure space, which only admits one person at a time.

These access control booths effectively separate a non-secured area from a secured area. Mantraps are ideal in high value or critical security areas, such as:

  • cash handling depots
  • sensitive data processing areas
  • security control rooms
  • critical research labs
  • jewellery stores
  • vaults