To protect your data, you need to know that whoever is accessing your server rack and cabinets has the required PERMISSIONS and TRAINING to do so.

Server Rack or Cabinet Door Lock Handle Solution for Security, Compliance and Convenience

Why the Borer Rack Handle Solution?

Physical Security for High Priority Data Protection

A scaleable, high security solution for racks and cabinets for any sized organisation, configured for your specific requirements, with all important audit trail reporting.

  • Secure unlimited number of racks
  • Provide access to authorised and authenticated users only with RFID Card
  • Access control levels of authority allow access to single rack/cabinet or many racks or cabinets
  • Provide a full audit trail of all users and activity
  • Prove compliance with security regulations
  • Monitor temperature of racks/cabinets

Rack Handle Server Rack SecurityServer Rack Lock Handle - Locked (right or left handed)

Rack Handle Server Rack Physical SecurityServer Rack Lock Handle - Unlocked and Open

server room security rack handle

Technical Information

See technical specifications and dimensions below:

server room security rack handleserver room security rack handle

You need to know that whoever is accessing your data and IT equipment has the required PERMISSIONS and TRAINING.

Data breach attacks carried out by insiders (IBM Study 2016)
Business users who say they have access to company data that they probably shouldn't see
Enterprise security executives reported an attempted theft or data breach - last 12 months
Organisations that rank their insider prevention methods as effective
Data Breach
Average Cost
Server Outages
due to human error
Outage Average Cost
due to Human Error
Perceived Threat
Negligent or Malicious Employees

Server Room Security requires an integrated access control and monitoring system. Borer’s Server Rack Security Solution works alongside the FUSION software access control system.

In the high priority server room security data centre environment where most digital routers are heavily fortified with firewalls and other security, most data protection is based on the company assets being protected against malicious physical attack from intruders.

Borer’s Rack Handle Access Control solution is capable of protecting an unlimited number of racks/cabinets. It also has the ability to integrate ONVIF compliant CCTV systems in order to bring up live and recorded camera feeds to monitor access within a data centre environment. Alongside a floor plan GUI, operators are able to view a graphical representation of their site showing door, lock and rack status, and alert to any issues.

The live FUSION central software status offers the ability to view up-to-date events and shows who is accessing the racks and for how long, and presents live alarm monitoring.

Multi-user Client Access allows authorised personnel to interrogate the system from any workstation on your network, reducing operating costs by monitoring all server room security sites from a single security office. Operators are able to apply specific access groups to individuals and even specify a time window if required.

The rack handle readers can work with MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE Plus® and MIFARE® DESFire® cards, depending on the application and security level required.

Key Features

  • PoE Compatible

    Provides electrical power and data to devices, such as card readers and electric door locks, over standard CAT5e/6 cable (read more on the benefits of Power over Ethernet)

  • Easy to install and use

    Simple retrofit, no cutting required, adaptor kits available

  • Local Monitoring

    Multi-colour LED indicator provides alarm notifications, such as ‘swing-handle not locked’, and visual aid to show when the swing-handle is locked correctly

  • Remote Alarm Monitoring

    FUSION provides operators with up-to-date live events in graphical and text format for quick alarm management

  • Remote Releases

    Release can be issued remotely by designated administrators who have been supplied with specific access privileges on the FUSION system

  • CCTV Interfacing

    Allows a floor plan design to be accessed and cameras to be allocated to either individual cameras or banks of cameras, and be accessed whenever required

  • Non-handed

    Can be used with either right or left handed doors

  • Sturdy

    Glass filled nylon and cast zinc construction

  • Built-in Reflective Optical Sensor

    Used for monitoring the swing-handle status

  • Surface Mount

    Simple surface mount design that can be fitted by OEM cabinet manufacturers

Rack Handle Solution Benefits

  • Enhances Security

    Prevents door access by tampering with the card access reader head

  • Safeguards Equipment

    Safeguards the electrical equipment connected to the circuit by only supplying power following device identification and evaluation

  • Protects the CAT5e/6 Cable

    Monitors the energy delivered providing a 47V current limited power source

  • Reduces Equipment Cost

    Eliminates the requirement for local mains outlet, power supply and battery at every door

  • Reduces Installation Cost

    Eliminates the local mains wiring, which in most countries – for legal or insurance reasons – has to be installed by a qualified and/or licensed electrician

  • Reduces Energy Consumption

    Energy reduction of as much as 80% using intelligent Power over Ethernet power management

Regulatory Compliance

The Rack Handle Solution provides physical security with Audit Trail Reporting as proof of compliance with data security legislation. Below are a sample of regulations which specify the physical security protection requirement of data and equipment:

Applies to any organisation that processes, holds or markets to individuals within the EU or wherever EU citizens reside.
Is your business ready for it?

Specifies that physical access control is required to ensure that access to information assets is authorised and restricted.

“…restrict physical access to cardholder data”

“…physical and technical safeguards to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and security of electronic protected health information.”

US Federal law that requires the ability to produce audit data on who has access to financial records.

Requires physical access control to information systems.

Audit Trail and Reporting

  • Rack Status — front or rear open, or handle unlocked
  • Door Forced alarm
  • Handle Forced alarm
  • Open Unattended — alarm will sound if user leaves the room leaving the rack open
  • Time Open — alarm will sound if rack is left open too long (max 4 hours)
  • Monitoring Rack Temperature — probes monitor and report on rack temperature and provide local and central alarms if rack is too hot (failed air-conditioning, rack fans, etc.)
  • Maintenance Functions — alarm sounders can be muted for rack service and maintenance operations

Other Applications

  • Data Centres

    Single or multiple server racks in colocation data centres

  • Healthcare

    Medical cabinets, pharmaceutical drug storage and dispensing

  • Education

    Secure and monitor access to sensitive records

  • Finance/Government

    Secure and monitor access to financial records, classified docs

  • Refrigerated Storage

    Monitor temperature and security of lab specimens

  • Industry

    Switch/plant rooms, hazardous material storage cabinets