Roll Call and Muster Station Reporting

Muster Roll Call maintains a log of who is on site and, in the event of a site incident, produces a list of safe and missing personnel

The web based extension to the FUSION Access Control System, which allows building managers to locate those members of staff and visitors on site following a building evacuation.

Muster point readers are fitted at assembly points and a report is generated of people on and off site in event of evacuation/fire alarm.

Proximity and NFC based Personal Identity Cards are used to record presence of people on site so that, in an emergency, the status of personnel, on-site, mustered or missing can be established. People record, on an off site, at access and egress readers located at entrances to the building or site.

In the event of a fire or site evacuation, personnel present their ID cards to the fixed terminals, mobile devices or tablets at designated muster points, enabling roll-call takers to produce a real-time roll of mustered and missing persons. Fixed terminals connect to the central database via WiFi or cable networks, while mobile devices record the arrival of personnel at muster points by tapping the mobile device with their RFID cards.