Guard Tour / Lone Worker Monitoring

Mobile Devices and Static Beacons (radio transmitters) are employed to monitor and record the location of security watchmen, lone workers and key staff as they go about their duties. The mobile device is loaded with an application that automatically transmits its identity, proximity and if required, GPS location when it comes within range of a beacon. This information is captured and centrally logged and is used to generate alerts should the tour schedule be transgressed, or should the mobile device not move or stop transmitting for longer than the permitted time.

All required locations can be programmed as checkpoints in a specific sequence, as well as time period to complete a tour and number of tours within a defined time. Correct completions of tours and deviations are recorded, with full reporting capabilities. Deviations on guard tour can also be set to trigger an alarm or notification.

FUSION allows the tracking and monitoring of lone workers in hazardous environments, for example, railroads, mines, chemical labs, etc. Lone Worker Monitoring makes it compulsory for the employee to confirm his presence at pre-defined intervals. If the worker fails to do so within a pre-defined time period, an alarm is triggered on the central management system. This can also be used to ensure night shift security guards remain awake on duty.

Guard Tour / Lone Worker Monitoring via Bluetooth Beacons and Mobile Smartphone

Enforcing vigil patrol of security guards at defined checkpoints within a specified time period.