Borer CCTV Access Control Security Surveillance



CCTV Security Access Control Integration

Access Control integrated with CCTV with live and recorded video of all access events shown on graphical floor plans


FUSION Management software supports IP enabled CCTV security cameras, access control door controllers, security alarm points and a variety of other LAN and WAN connected devices, which can be monitored and managed from PC workstations. IP cameras and NVRs are integrated into the FUSION Security Management software, which supports both local and remote site. It has a multi-user graphical interface for video monitoring and control. Integration with Hikvision IP Cameras and Network Video Recorders (NVR) allows operators to view both live and pre-recorded video streams. Alarm from access doors are reported for investigation and viewing in real-time using the video stream from a camera or after the event from the NVR. When smart cameras equipped with AI and video analytics are connected to the system, many abnormal and alarm events can be identified, monitored and logged including:

  • intruder – when the facility is unoccupied movement is detected
  • unattended packages can be identified and reported
  • people counted entering and leaving designated zones
  • vehicle number plates recorded with automatic number plate recognition

Alarm conditions identified by the smart cameras are forwarded to the FUSION Management software via the IP network for analysis, re-action, storage and reporting.

Graphical Floor Plans

One or more sites with CCTV cameras and access controlled doors connect to a site Network Video Recorder (NVR) via the LAN or WAN and a TCP/IP network connection.

Camera locations are continuously monitored in real time on the FUSION Video Wall or can be managed reactively on an event basis with events and alarms highlighted on a graphical floor plan, as they occur.

The floor plans have multi-levels of drill-down enabling several sites to be overseen from a single FUSION console:

  • continent
  • country
  • city
  • site
  • building
  • floor or level
  • room
  • door or camera

Alarms trigger icons to flash or change colour whenever an event occurs, including

  • door tampered
  • door unsecured
  • door forced
  • door open
  • door disconnected

Double clicking on an alarm, door or camera on the graphical plan enables you to have a real-time display of alarms/events or camera image. You can also view historic alarms, events or camera images.

Below are Screenshots from Borer FUSION Access Control Management Software showing CCTV integration with graphical floor plans, alarm statuses with live and recorded video.

Borer Fusion Access Control Software CCTV User Interface
Borer Fusion Access Control Software CCTV User Interface
Borer Fusion Access Control Software CCTV User Interface