building alarm monitoring



Monitor alarm conditions across multiple sites from a networked PC

Borer's Building Alarm Monitoring System monitors building fire alarms and performs specific actions to create a fire route out of the building, provide a missing persons report and see who has made it to an assembly area. These features are carried out even if the software or the IP network is down, ensuring safety procedures run effectively in any emergency.

FUSION PoE Alarm Monitoring solution allows facilities managers and security personnel to monitor alarm conditions within one or more buildings from a PC connected to the network. FUSION is scaleable so it is suited for both single site and enterprise wide solution systems, all centrally or remotely monitored over the user's own IP network.

Multimedia functionality is extensively integrated into and utilised by FUSION with support for custom voice alarm annunciation and flashing colour icons for every system alarm. Each alarm or event can have both a set of text instructions and pre-recorded audio instructions. FUSION can combine live video verification and alarm monitoring in real-time, enabling guards to visually validate the cardholders before granting access at secure remote sites.