About Borer Data Systems

Based in Winnersh, Berkshire, United Kingdom, Borer Data Systems Ltd is a private company which was incorporated in April 1975. We are ISO 9001:2015 and 14001 accredited and are committed to maintaining and delivering a consistently high level of service and support to our customers.


We have systems operating in the UK, Europe, South and Central America, Africa and also in China. Our customer base consists of large and small companies, local and national government including Ports, Police and Nuclear.


In the UK, Borer designs and develops personnel identification, security access control and alarm management systems, employing Smart Card and Biometric Fingerprint and Face Recognition Identification technologies. Borer also build the supporting network infrastructure and software around the physical products. Borer's products are manufacturered in the UK and in Brazil for the South and Central American marketplace.


Borer has an established network of partnerships in the UK and internationally to maximise the quality and unique range of solutions we are able to offer to the marketplace.


Extensive research and development over recent years has led to the development of Borer's unique  range of security access control solutions based on smart power distribution system. This uses Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology to provide a user-friendly, economical, trouble-free and effective solution for both installer and customer.


We at Borer also integrate our solution with other related disciplines such as Hikvision for cameras and LDAP/Active Directory for synchronising with network-based databases.

Borer Data Systems - Access Control Solutions

Borer Data Systems Head Office at 4 Winnersh Fields, Gazelle Close, Winnersh, Berkshire, UK


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Borer ISO QAS International Registered Company

Borer ISO QAS International Registered Company