Borer supplies and installs access control hardware enabled with fingerprint and smart card readers for a wide range of applications.

A leading UK manufacturer and global supplier of Integrated Security Solutions. Borer's range of cutting edge access readers, controllers and software systems are integrated with innovative technologies, centrally managed and fully scalable for multi location businesses.

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Borer offers an Integrated Security Solution which includes access control systems and products seamlessly integrated with FUSION software. Our integrated solutions can be employed in all areas of your organisation, with central management of multiple locations, making it the perfect solution for multi-location businesses. Borer FUSION bring together in one system any combination of:

    FUSION works across the corporate network and is totally scalable, supporting a single site or multiple sites managed from one or several command and control centres.

    User details and access profiles can be imported from Active Directory or an existing database or CRM to deliver consistent and reliable data. Users can use their fingerprints, mobile phones or identity cards to access premises through barriers, gates, doors, portals, pods, airlocks and turnstiles.

    Systems can also be enhanced with Locker Access Control and CCTV, ensuring the safety and security of staff members, visitors and their possessions. Comprehensive audit trails with supporting CCTV coverage enables management to quickly investigate potential security breaches and ensure compliance with standards and regulations.

    Borer Fusion Access Control Software

    Borer's FUSION Software is constantly developing, with innovative new features and functionality being added, providing a complete, integrated access control solution that works for you!

    Borer Fusion Access Control Software integrated access control solutions
    Borer Fusion Access Control Software controls door entry, turnstiles entry and exit points

    Borer merges innovative technology with Borer FUSION, an intuitive, user-friendly software that provides central control and management of complex functions across a wide range of entry and exit points. Our security equipment and access control products use PoE (Power over Ethernet) to simplify installation and keep costs down. FUSION provides configuration options to suit your business needs.

    Borer Fusion Access Control Software controls door entry, turnstiles entry and exit points

    Borer FUSION Access Control Software and Access Control Hardware/Products control entry and exit points. This can be scaled to manage and control an unlimited number of access points, from a single door to thousands of doors across multiple locations.

    CCTV integrates seamlessly with Borer FUSION Access Control Software, with access points shown on graphical floor plans

    Access Control

    • From a single door up to 10,000 doors across multiple geographical locations
    • Access Control Readers: Fingerprint and MIFARE® DESFire® Smart Card Readers
    • Controllers and PoE Switches providing intelligence at the point of control
    • PoE Powered Turnstiles with fingerprint or smart card access control, integrated and controlled centrally through FUSION Software

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    FUSION Software Functions

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    About Us

    • Established in 1975

    • Global leader in Integrated Access Control Solutions

    • Our strength lies in providing Scalable Access Control Systems using POE Technology

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