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Micro Touchkey

Micro Touch Key is a low cost, easy to install, simple to use, stand alone access control solution for controlling one or many doors. Micro TouchKey consists of Windows software with one or more reader heads and ultra-compact controllers each with its own list of valid key holders.

Micro Touch Key uses Dallas iButtons are used as access tokens and to transfer data from the Windows database to each door controller.

The Micro Touchkey system is a completely standalone system with it's own Window software and is not compatible with the FUSION network System.

Borer Micro TouckKey - Standalone Access Control System

MTK Features:

  • Access control at a touch
  • Memory for up to 1000 keyholders per door
  • Electronic `iButton’ in a tough stainless steel case
  • Unique serial number assigned to each key, without duplication
  • Easy to use and convenient to carry on a keyring
  • Programmable door access system using Windows software makes it easy
    to add new TouchKeys or void lost or stolen TouchKeys – no need to
    change locks when a key is lost
  • Access to a combination of doors
  • No data cabling is needed – access rules are carried from the PC to a door controller using a master TouchKey
  • Two time zones – one giving 24 hour, 7 day access, a second for restricted access
  • Door release time and door alarm delays can be programmed – an alarm
    will be activated should the door be forced or held open
  • Non-volatile memory - the Micro TouchKey controller will not lose its list of
    valid TouchKeys should the power be removed

MTK Reader Head

  • Dimensions: Length 50mm, width 30mm, depth 15mm
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20 to +70°C
  • Indicator Lamps: Green – access granted and red – access denied
  • Style: Stainless Steel

MTK Door Controller

  • Dimensions: PCB: Length 51cm, width 60mm, depth 17mm
  • Enclosure: Standard 25mm 1-gang wall box (surface or flush mount) with blanking plate
  • Power Requirement: 10 milli-amp at 8-15 volts AC or DC
  • Operating Environment Range: -20 to +50C, rel. humidity 90% non-condensing
  • Memory: Electrically erasable PROM (will survive a power failure without the need for battery back-up)
  • Keyholders: The door controller holds up to 1000 keyholder identities
  • Two Outputs: Set of voltage free relay contacts (NO and NC) rated for 1 amp at 30 volts to control an electric lock and local alarm
  • Three Inputs: Door ajar monitor; exit button; switch between time zone one and time zone two
  • Memory TouchKeys: Three versions are available with a memory capacity for 60, 250 and 1000 TouchKeys

Borer Micro Touchkey Overview - Standalone Access Control Overview
Overview of Micro Touchkey System- Click Here to Enlarge

MTK Equipment

  • 01-101 MTK Door Controller
  • 01-201 Reader Head
  • 01-801 MTK for Windows (Including Fob Programmer)
  • 02-109 Power Supply Unit 12V 3.5A

MTK Fobs

  • 01-700 User Fob
  • 01-701 Programming Fobs (Up to 60 Person)
  • 01-702 Programming Fobs (Up to 250 Person)
  • 01-703 Programming Fobs (Up to 1,000 Person)

Download Datasheet: Micro Touchkey

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