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Fife & Edinburgh have more CCTV cameras than most major UK cities.

22 January 2012

Two Scottish councils have more CCTV cameras than the cities of Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool combined, new figures show.

Fife has a total of 1,420 cameras, the second-highest in the UK, while the residents of Aberdeen are covered by 942 of the surveillance devices, putting them in 6th place.

Scotland’s biggest spender on CCTV is Edinburgh, where £6.3m has gone on operating the city’s 232 cameras. Fife’s cameras cost £1m over the same period and Aberdeen spent £1.78m.

The figures were obtained by Big Brother Watch using Freedom of Information Act requests.

Fife council defended their use of the technology.

Councilor George Kay, who heads the council’s police, fire and safety committee, said: "These cameras help in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour in our town centres.

"In the last three years alone we have seen crimes such as breach of the peace and petty assault fall by 61% and crimes of vandalism or malicious mischief fall by 33%

"These systems are used by specially trained staff under the strictest conditions and assist in police crime detection rates, reducing crime and enhancing public safety."

An Aberdeen City Council Spokesman added: "We work in partnership with Grampian police to operate cameras across the city. The majority of cameras are deployed in the council’s housing stock and at schools with 110 currently deployed in public spaces.

"Cameras in public spaces are used to reduce crime, trace offenders and give reassurance to members of the community."

Edinburgh City Council defended its high spending, claiming there was uncertainty over how each council calculated the figure.

A spokeswoman said their CCTV network "deters crime and helps the police bring criminals to justice".

The research shows that the UK has around 20% of the CCTV cameras in the world despite having only 1% of the planet’s population.

The UK’s 51,600 surveillance cameras cost a total of £515m to operate between 2007 and 2011.

CCTV monitoring using Borer's FUSION Access Control System.

Using Borer's Access Control system to protect your premises and assets from unwarranted trouble. CCTV cameras can be integrated into Borer's FUSION system as an added protection, acting as an deterrent against criminals.

Statistics show that properties with installed CCTV cameras are less likely to have trouble than those without. Access Control will prevent unknown elements from entering the organisation's premises.

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Access Control Systems using Power over Ethernet (PoE) Technology from Borer