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Belgian Football Jonathon Legear caught on CCTV crashing into store

10 October 2012

Belgian footballer Jonathon Legear is facing a possible jail sentence after being caught on CCTV driving his Porsche into a petrol station.

Surveillance CCTV video shows Legear driving past petrol pumps, knocking a scooter over and then careering into the shop.

He has apparently denied that he was “significantly” above the drink drive limit.

Court spokesman Michel Zegers said that the midfielder, who plays for Russian club Terek Grozny and made two appearances for Belgium in 2010, would be charged with involuntary assault and, possibly, intoxication.

One man was injured – mostly cuts and scrapes and a badly twisted ankle – as he was unable to move out of the way of the vehicle. The man was able to jump high enough to avoid serious injury, however.

The video shows Legear's Porsche driving at high speed past the petrol pumps and smashing a scooter before crashing through the glass doors.

Legear could spend time in jail for his actions and will be banned from driving for at least two weeks.

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CCTV monitoring using Borer's FUSION Access Control System.

Using Borer's Access Control system to protect your premises and assets from unwarranted trouble. CCTV cameras can be integrated into Borer's FUSION system as an added protection, acting as an deterrent against criminals.

Statistics show that properties with installed CCTV cameras are less likely to have trouble than those without. Access Control will prevent unknown elements from entering the organisation's premises.

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Access Control Systems using Power over Ethernet (PoE) Technology from Borer