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CCTV debate in Southampton Taxis

17 August 2012

Southampton City Council has appealed against the Information Commissioners Office request to halt the use of CCTV in its taxis.

The appeal will be heard in next year in Spring which means that drivers will be required to continue using the CCTV systems until then.

Meanwhile, taxis in Kent are being urged to install systems due to an increase in attacks on drivers.

The Medway Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association are recommending that drivers install a system that they have found that will cost just £300 per car, to ensure the safety of both drivers and customers.

However the Kent councilor in charge of community safety, Mike O’Brien, said that there was no plan to install the systems.

Councilors in Southampton are determined not to see the safety of the city’s drivers undermined but the ICO ruling in July.

Deputy council leader Jacquie Rayment said that the ICO has not acknowledged the lengths they go to to protect driver and passenger privacy.

She said: "No one sees these videos unless there is an incident that needs investigating and in those cases the footage and audio becomes crucial evidence. The fact that the cameras capture everything is a valuable deterrent against attacks, both verbal and physical."

An ICO spokesman said that they will consider their response to the latest developments in Southampton.

Securing your premises with a Borer Access Control System

With an electronic card swipe system, you can secure your building by managing who gains entrance to certain premises building and remove the risk of lost or misplaced keys.

These cards can be individually programmed to control, restrict access to, and restrict movement around a building, including gates, rooms, barriers, lifts, turnstiles and doors.

Control of these systems via your PC, can potentially offers far wider applications than just security of your premises, as they can also help you to locate staff in event of an emergency, or record their times of entering and leaving the building.

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Access Control Systems using Power over Ethernet (PoE) Technology from Borer