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Benefits of a Borer Access Control Solution

Borer Network Security Access Control System

Access Control Solutions using Power over Ethernet (PoE) Plus technology can accommodate all project sizes, ranging from small standalone solutions controlling a 1-2 doors, to multi-site network based solutions controlling unlimited doors.

See how Borer FUSION software can assist managers with their administrative and smooth operation of their site.

FUSION is an enterprise wide facilities information system designed to run on your corporate LAN/WAN linking remote offices into one integrated system, reducing administration and infrastructure costs.

FUSION will secure access to your premises, record staff attendance, maintain a check on contractors and log visitors, produce staff Identity cards as well as monitor intruder and building alarms.

Energy Savings of Up to 80%

Substantial energy savings can be made using Borer’s power management and energy delivery systems. For example alternative door access systems typically consume in excess of 50 Watts to control a single door equipped with a fail safe electrical release. Compare this with the less than 3-10 Watts required by a Borer intelligent reader and electric release combination using Borer’s intelligent power delivery system and energy saving technology.

Reduced the Amount of Infrastructure to Deploy

The delivery of both power and data over CAT5e structured cabling means that you don't need to install a mains spur at every door. With the provision of a mains spur typically costing between £50 and £80 on a new build and from £150 on a retro-fit, considerable savings can be made.

Less Equipment to Deploy

Typical alternative systems require a reader head, lock, data cable and mains power spur as well as a control box and power supply installed at every door. Borer only need a CAT5e cable, electric lock and Borer’s intelligent reader to ensure maximum security. Consequently, there is by mass up to 80% less equipment to install, resulting in more rapid installation, lower maintenance charges and less to recycle at the end of the system’s life.

Easier and Faster to Install

With less equipment to install and all installation work undertaken at door handle height, health and safety restrictions associated with installation engineers working at heights can be avoided, resulting in faster installation and easier maintenance.

Reduced Maintenance Overhead

Sophisticated power status reporting assists in the remote diagnosis of equipment faults and their swift rectification. This can significantly reduce the need for remedial maintenance visits and engineering time on site. It is estimated that eighty percent of reported faults relating to equipment in the field are resolved by simply power resetting the equipment. Often this requires a field service engineer to visit the customer’s sites and simply to remove and reconnect power to the faulty piece of equipment. The results are wasted travel (fuel miles) and time and effort. The technology pioneered by Borer allows all but real equipment failures to be resolved by sending a command via email, web cast or mobile text message to a Midspan Bridge, instructing it to remove and reconnect power to the port hosting the failed device. The Midspan Bridge will power reset the relevant port thereby resetting all devices connected to it; often this is all that is needed to resolve a reported fault.

Lifetime Savings in the Cost of Energy and Emissions

Cost savings of up to £260 per door can be made over a system 10 year lifespan when comparing the Borer access control system with an alternative system.

Aesthetically more Pleasing

The Borer intelligent reader provides a complete door access control solution in one reader head. You need minimal wall space as there is no requirement for unsightly control boxes or mains power spurs. The Borer intelligent readers have a minimalist design with a small footprint which will discreetly fit in with most surroundings.

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Access Control Systems using Power over Ethernet (PoE) Technology from Borer